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In the (probably vain) hope of shielding myself from unwanted eyes seeing my ramblings here and disseminating them elsewhere, I've decided to start making my old posts "friends only". I'll always leave my most current posts available to the world for a week or two, so that if a non-friend stumbles across them and likes my scribbles and wants to friend me, they can, before I hide those posts behind the LJ cone of protection (yeah, right).

So - LJ friends-to-be: enjoy. There's more of this goofiness behind the curtain, if you're interested.... :-)

--A propos of nothing, I'm just testing this map thingy to see if it registers visitors to this page:

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First, my Massachusetts friends [ profile] bear_left, [ profile] quirkstreet, [ profile] badfaggot and [ profile] kev_bot got to see an early showing of the new Star Trek movie this evening. Not to steal their thunder, but they were thrilled and very pleased, and given how these boys like Trek, this gives me a lot of confidence that the new movie is faithful to what has gone before while forging a new path at the same time.

Second, my Scottish friends who got me a little role in a super-duper international fanfilm have gotten a write-up on the BBC website. The frakking BBC!

Congrats, guys! And, good luck with the launch of your new episode, which I understand is to be released very soon. Go over to their site and check them out.
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The then US Health Secretary announced the discovery of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The BBC has a video to mark that anniversary through the eyes of a survivor from that time.
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It was fun when they made "Hairspray", a musical of a movie; then things got out of hand, and it seemed like just about any popular movie was up for grabs - "Young Frankenstein", "Spamalot" and "Shrek", to name a few.

Now, I think we can say we've reached the bottom of the barrel when people are talking about making a musical of a recently deceased reality TV show contestant.

Warhol's famous quip about everyone being famous for 15 minutes is rapidly coming true. At this rate, you can expect a music based on my life to be opening at The Diversionary for their 2011-12 season....
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According to this, the CBS producers think you can't possibly be deaf AND gay; or African American AND gay; you can only be one 'thing' for the viewing public to get their heads round.
inbhirnis: (Default) knew this was inevitable: the fabulous Steven Colbert weighs in on the infamous National Organization for Marriage internet ad, and comes up with his own offering:

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The Colbert Coalition's Anti-Gay Marriage Ad
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Golly - just watch this clip from the show "Britain's Got Talent". I got a wee bit verklempt, and was as guilty as anyone in the audience was of having certain preconceptions at first...
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Interesting story on Bush's life, post presidency. While I guess any president, after leaving office, is inevitably a bit cocooned from the rest of the world due to security concerns, you get the clear sense that this one is only too happy to be in a bubble - living in a rabidly conservative Republican neighborhood, interacting only with friends and supporters, and the regular folk are kept far away. As well as the physical separation, it's also clear from the article that he is living in a sealed-off world intellectually: all that matters to him is his legacy, as evidenced by his single-minded work on his library and memoir. As they left Washington on January 20, they watched unctuous videos from people singing his praises; his circle of friends sounds very small and fiercely loyal ("everybody - everybody - just loved him", said one); and he still loves to wear that jacket with the presidential seal.

One gets the impression that this president won't be jetting round the world on humanitarian causes (maybe because there's a decent chance he could be arrested for war crimes if he leaves the US), or building homes for the disadvantaged in this country.

---here's the not-too-impressive looking Presidential pad, courtesy of Google. I'm surprised it hasn't been pixellated, as happened with the Vice Presidential residence in DC when Cheney lived there. When Biden moved in, that pixellation was removed.
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--This coming Saturday, apparently. Hopefully, the b*torr*nts will be fired up... :-)

Here's an interview with David Tennant - doesn't give very much away, so don't be worried about spoilers.
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Colbert, as part of his "Better Know a District" series, visited with the Congressman for NY 25, Dan Maffei.

Bless his heart - Maffei is a Dem in a pretty Republican leaning district, so it was pretty ballsy of him to take part in Colbert's hijinks, including a bit (around the 4th minute) where Colbert gets self-confessed Star Trek fan Maffei to imagine what he'd be like in the evil universe, complete with goatee....

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Better Know a District - New York's 25th - Dan Maffei
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I hope my overseas friends can see this....
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...Get your unbearable (Scottish) puppy cuteness here.... :-)
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People have already posted the hilarious 'Fast and Bi-Curious' clip from Saturday's show, but I haven't seen this one make the rounds:

I confess I shuffled off to bed not long after the Bi clip and didn't hang around for the news part of the show. I'm such a party animal.... :-)

Earlier in the evening, I went with [ profile] roysd and [ profile] swankyjournal to see the latest Diversionary Theatre production, Facing East. We all agreed that the actors did their best with rather iffy material, where there wasn't a lot of growth and change in the course of the one-act play.
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(and there didn't seem to be many who had an opinion in between those two poles)..Margaret Thatcher's rise to Prime Minister with the Conservative election victory, 30 years ago next month (wow), changed the UK forever and with Reagan being elected 18 months later, set the stage for an era of conservatism that we may just now be leaving. Ironically, it now seems that the US and the UK may be about to diverge politically, with a tired Labour government in power since 1997 almost certainly about to be replaced by a Conservative one by 2010. Mind you, UK Conservatives are rather different from their US counterparts; not beholden to a religious right, and actually pretty gay-friendly, at least at the leadership level. The Conservative candidate for Thatcher's hometown is openly gay, and nobody appears to be freaked out by it.

All this is preamble to a rather long but fascinating article from the Guardian that reads a little bit like an obituary for her (she's not in good health). The reporter goes back to Thatcher's hometown, and finds there the same absence of interest in her place in history that appears to exist in the country as a whole. It's almost as if she were a Stalinesque figure whose statues have been pulled down, and most references to her removed from the public square. Yet she is still alive, a shadow of her former glory. The article has some delicious little phrases that may resonate best with Brits of a certain age (reference to loss of society; the 'handbag thieves' sign). The psycho-analysis section is quite amusing, since the Freudian analysis of Thatcher is so at odds with her image of lack of sexuality, her non-feminism. So ironic that the first female PM was utterly inimical to women's issues and positively placed hurdles in the way of other women in her party trying to climb the ladder.

When she does finally shuffle off, it will be interesting to see how she is remembered, and what kind of send-off she gets. I think I can guarantee that there will be no push to name something in every part of the UK for her, a la Reagan.
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Their Supreme Court just ruled in favor of same sex marriage.

Now - I wonder if Iowa is also hampered by a political system where a popular vote of 50%+1 vote can strip these newly won rights away?
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I hope this show makes it to BBC America one of these days. As well as hearing some great performances from some major icons, it sounds as if the interviews surrounding each of them could be quite interesting, given the rather eclectic bunch of people taking part. Wish Kate Bush would agree to take part in an interview - she's did some groundbreaking stuff in her career.

Unfortunately, you don't get to see clips if you're outside the UK, dammit.
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He just gave a great shout-out to his Trek demo tonight. Criticizing the Republican budget unveiled today, which showed spurious projections of the Obama budget priorities out to the year 2080, he quoted an Office of Management and Budget official who said, tactfully, that such long-range projections had 'a significant amount of uncertainty' attached to them. Keith then said 'not surprising, since 2080 will be 17 years after we make contact with the planet Vulcan'.

Hee! He even got the date of 'first contact' right!
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Best wishes to an LJ user I've been lucky enough to meet "IRL", and who loves goofy Bravo and Logo reality shows just like me... :-)
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With the time diff, it may already be April 1 out there, so I guess I've missed it in a way... Hope you had a good one. Your fair land, plus your big neighbor, are on my list of must-sees that I really want to do something about in the next couple of years.
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--Tonight on BBC America. This could be interesting: John Barrowman, of Doctor Who and Torchwood fame, goes in search of the scientific bases for his homosexuality.
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