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Colbert, as part of his "Better Know a District" series, visited with the Congressman for NY 25, Dan Maffei.

Bless his heart - Maffei is a Dem in a pretty Republican leaning district, so it was pretty ballsy of him to take part in Colbert's hijinks, including a bit (around the 4th minute) where Colbert gets self-confessed Star Trek fan Maffei to imagine what he'd be like in the evil universe, complete with goatee....

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I hope my overseas friends can see this....
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He just gave a great shout-out to his Trek demo tonight. Criticizing the Republican budget unveiled today, which showed spurious projections of the Obama budget priorities out to the year 2080, he quoted an Office of Management and Budget official who said, tactfully, that such long-range projections had 'a significant amount of uncertainty' attached to them. Keith then said 'not surprising, since 2080 will be 17 years after we make contact with the planet Vulcan'.

Hee! He even got the date of 'first contact' right!
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(To borrow a phrase from [ profile] cpratt):

I've got a couple of my Scottish Trek friends are coming out to visit at the end of the month. They've expressed an interest in crossing over into Mexico. Apart from a road trip with a friend halfway down the Baja peninsula about 18 years ago, I've taken the trolley down to Tijuana and walked over a couple of times. Last time, I was with my sister and (blonde, well developed) teenage niece, and, well, it was uncomfortable for them.

Does anyone have a suggestion for an easy trip across the border that isn't quite so grimy/misses the grime? Should I investigate taking my car over in order to go further south than TJ? Is it worth driving out to Tecate or Mexicali or somewhere instead?

Talking of having a lovely Mexican experience, I was thrilled to finally meet my LJ friend [ profile] estudioso on Friday. Too brief a visit, unfortunately. He is as charming as you'd imagine!
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No - I didn't get a role in one of 'those' amateur movies.... ;-)

I'm talking about my (very) small part in a Star Trek fanfilm created by a group called "Hidden Frontier", in collaboration with my Scottish Trek friends at "USS Intrepid" who have made their own movies.

The production is called "Operation Beta Shield", and while it is a bit 'insider-Trekkie', and perhaps a wee bit heavy on techno-babble, I think their production is pretty epic, and for an operation run out of someone's house, looks pretty darn good. I make a teeny appearance at about 13:30, then my scene where I utter two sentences of techno-babble and look very nervous is at about 17:00.


Not quite up to [ profile] low_fat_muffin acting standards, but, hey - it was my first time!

Thanks, [ profile] capthunter for getting me a little role in it. I didn't have to do the casting couch treatment to get it, either - darn! ;-)
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