inbhirnis: (Default) knew this was inevitable: the fabulous Steven Colbert weighs in on the infamous National Organization for Marriage internet ad, and comes up with his own offering:

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People have already posted the hilarious 'Fast and Bi-Curious' clip from Saturday's show, but I haven't seen this one make the rounds:

I confess I shuffled off to bed not long after the Bi clip and didn't hang around for the news part of the show. I'm such a party animal.... :-)

Earlier in the evening, I went with [ profile] roysd and [ profile] swankyjournal to see the latest Diversionary Theatre production, Facing East. We all agreed that the actors did their best with rather iffy material, where there wasn't a lot of growth and change in the course of the one-act play.
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...reflecting our modes and mores, natch:

2007 Barbie with her faux credit card and 'spend, spend, SPEND!' ad is particularly telling.

What will 2009 Barbie be like?
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No-nonsense, slightly scary and fierce financial guru Suze talks about the non-sentimental reasons why marriage should be for all of us:

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I just saw the strangest ad on TV:

I have no idea why Castrol decided that a crazed Scotsman whipping people with a dipstick was the way to increase sales. It's kinda amusing for about 10 seconds, and the guy is either really Scottish, or does a pretty good accent.
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Until the return of Project Runway (US - I'm getting a fix to tide me over by watching the pretty good PR Canada, Season 2, which has just begun), I have to confess I've rather enjoyed the first two episodes of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' on Logo.

Very low budget, shameless ripoff of ANTM and PR, with a pinch of Idol thrown in, but it's kinda fun, and the hour flies by. It's cool that they have Santino Rice as one of the permanent judges, and I'd like to hear more of what he and the others have to say - but of course, it's hard to get in a word when Ms. Paul is in control. They managed to snare Bob Mackie as a guest judge in the first episode, and one of the Destiny's Child girls in the second episode, so I guess they've got a couple of pennies to spend on this tranny fierce (literally!) trainwreck.

Next week, looks like they're going to have the girls do teleprompter readings (another ANTM 'borrowing').

Anyone else watching this?

Edit: for those of you who don't get Logo, I see that VH1 is showing it on Tuesday at 9pm Pacific..
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Sweet video of doggies greeting their daddy, returning from Iraq. The black and white one is particularly overjoyed. I confess I got a wee bit moist-eyed watching it:

(via Sully, who ganked it from someone, who got it from somewhere else.)

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No - I didn't get a role in one of 'those' amateur movies.... ;-)

I'm talking about my (very) small part in a Star Trek fanfilm created by a group called "Hidden Frontier", in collaboration with my Scottish Trek friends at "USS Intrepid" who have made their own movies.

The production is called "Operation Beta Shield", and while it is a bit 'insider-Trekkie', and perhaps a wee bit heavy on techno-babble, I think their production is pretty epic, and for an operation run out of someone's house, looks pretty darn good. I make a teeny appearance at about 13:30, then my scene where I utter two sentences of techno-babble and look very nervous is at about 17:00.


Not quite up to [ profile] low_fat_muffin acting standards, but, hey - it was my first time!

Thanks, [ profile] capthunter for getting me a little role in it. I didn't have to do the casting couch treatment to get it, either - darn! ;-)
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