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Any significant spending plans on the horizon? If so, you might want to consider making that major purchase this weekend, as the state sales tax rate is going up on April 1.
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(To borrow a phrase from [ profile] cpratt):

I've got a couple of my Scottish Trek friends are coming out to visit at the end of the month. They've expressed an interest in crossing over into Mexico. Apart from a road trip with a friend halfway down the Baja peninsula about 18 years ago, I've taken the trolley down to Tijuana and walked over a couple of times. Last time, I was with my sister and (blonde, well developed) teenage niece, and, well, it was uncomfortable for them.

Does anyone have a suggestion for an easy trip across the border that isn't quite so grimy/misses the grime? Should I investigate taking my car over in order to go further south than TJ? Is it worth driving out to Tecate or Mexicali or somewhere instead?

Talking of having a lovely Mexican experience, I was thrilled to finally meet my LJ friend [ profile] estudioso on Friday. Too brief a visit, unfortunately. He is as charming as you'd imagine!
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I just heard an interview on KPBS with one Christopher Ashley, the new Artistic Director of the La Jolla Playhouse. He's bringing the musical Xanadu and a new play (which he describes as 'weird 40s scifi') written by and starring Charles Busch there next year, as part of their 08-09 season. Oh, GURRL! Sounds like you're muscling in on The Diversionary Theatre's territory! Anyway, I'm intrigued, and will be watching for when the dates are announced.

Anyone else potentially up for some Xanadu and Charles Busch?


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