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According to this, the CBS producers think you can't possibly be deaf AND gay; or African American AND gay; you can only be one 'thing' for the viewing public to get their heads round.
inbhirnis: (Default) knew this was inevitable: the fabulous Steven Colbert weighs in on the infamous National Organization for Marriage internet ad, and comes up with his own offering:

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The Colbert Coalition's Anti-Gay Marriage Ad
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Their Supreme Court just ruled in favor of same sex marriage.

Now - I wonder if Iowa is also hampered by a political system where a popular vote of 50%+1 vote can strip these newly won rights away?
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--Tonight on BBC America. This could be interesting: John Barrowman, of Doctor Who and Torchwood fame, goes in search of the scientific bases for his homosexuality.
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No-nonsense, slightly scary and fierce financial guru Suze talks about the non-sentimental reasons why marriage should be for all of us:

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