Mar. 19th, 2009

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I'm SO ready for a little break from the rat race tomorrow, when I'll be flying up to Seattle, the "Emerald City" for a long weekend. It will be fun to see a bunch of LJ friends, such as [ profile] bear_left, [ profile] shirtlifterbear, [ profile] wrascalbc, and [ profile] quirkstreet, to name a few. First up will be a BSG-athon on Friday night at a friend of [ profile] shirtlifterbear's place (sadly, my hotel doesn't have SciFi), then, I imagine there will some toursity things to be done in downtown Seattle, and a trip out to Snoqualmie Falls. No doubt there will be other things on the agenda

But - it looks like Seattle will live up to its reputation of being, shall we say, a little 'moist' - oh, well. But, it's going to be hard to leave our lovely San Diego weather:

Here -

There -

In other news, yesterday I took my staff to lunch at the lovely Bertrand at Mr. A's, which has beautiful views of downtown San Diego as well as terrific food and service. One of my staff is about a week away from giving birth, so this was a great way to celebrate.

Here's my dessert - I was a bad boy...


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