Feb. 27th, 2009

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Over the years, I've enjoyed watching re-runs of 'Law and Order:Sports Utility Vehicle' (Chris Meloni...drool...) and 'Law and Order: Crazy Inspector' (Vincent D'Onofrio - not bad, in a crazy bear kinda way) - and now a new child has been spawned: 'Law and Order' set in London on British TV.

I hope it makes its way out here - it will be interesting to see how UK cops and prosecutors work differently from the US ones. The sharp-eyed geeks amongst you will notice that Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who's assistant Martha in Season 3) and Jamie Bamber (finishing up in Battlestar Galactica) both have roles. This would seem to suggest that Freema won't be moving over to Torchwood when it returns, since I imagine it's pretty difficult (if not contractually forbidden) to be appearing in two shows at the same time on different networks.

Unfortunately, it looks like we can't view the video clips on the page here, even after installing that 'silverlight' thingie they demand you use. I just noticed that the guy who plays 'James Steel' is the same actor who played the stoner boyfriend in 'Beautiful Thing'..


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