Feb. 22nd, 2009

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Nice little article from the BBC, highlighting the stylistic points of a series I got turned on to over Xmas. There is a kernel of truth in the piece that there are times in the show when it does seem that style trumps substance, but I do enjoy it. Maybe it's because, like a few others here, I do enjoy the mid century modern look, and am impressed with how that look, along with the mores of that era, have been impressively recreated.

Give the show a look - it's out there on iTunes, so you can download an episode for $1.99 and get a taste of it. It'll be back for a third season in the summer/fall, I think.

I wonder if [livejournal.com profile] paterson_si has had to do the Slovenian translation yet?
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--A quite breathtaking video from the loony Glenn Beck of FOX 'News' where he and his invited asylum-mates predict a Mad Max style future for the US in 2014 thanks to Obama's recent stimulus plan (well, they don't state it quite that bluntly, but that's clearly what they're getting at). How dare our government honestly account for the bills of the previous administration and decide that we need to, er, PAY them through spending cuts and tax increases. They wank along to anti-government, anti-tax, militia-loving memes of the right - amazing stuff.

It's hard to believe that a legitimate news organization can broadcast crap like this.

Oh, wait - we're talking FOX News - never mind the 'legitimate' bit...

(via talkingpointsmemo)

EDIT: If you can't take more than a couple of minutes of the video, you can read Glenn Greenwald's analysis of this wacky phenomenon instead...


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