Feb. 6th, 2009

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...Actor James Whitmore dies at 87 today.

Why's that spooky? Well, just last night, I'd mentioned somewhere on LJ that I'd enjoyed the lesbionic movie 'Desert Hearts' and for some reason I went to imdb to check out something about it. I noticed that the 'ranch matriarch' was played by Audra Lindley, who is probably best known as Mrs. Roper in the US version of "Three's Company". I clicked on her bio and found that she had been married to..... James Whitmore. When I looked at his bio - last night - and saw that he was still alive, I was quite surprised. Oh, well - off by 24 hours.

Weird how those internet search spirals can lead you to surprising connections.
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Torchwood Season 3 will be here in the summer, according to the article. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the show, but a little gheyrotic British scifi on the telly is always welcome. And, it will tide me over until there's a full season of Doctor Who, which won't happen until 2010 (with the new guy - not sure how I feel about having a 26 year old as the Doctor, but I'll give it a go). There will be four 'specials' throughout the year, so all is not lost.

But - 5 episodes? That seems odd, if I'm reading the article correctly. Normally, a season is around 13 episodes or so.

edit: just found out that the five episodes are all part of a single story, so it's a kind of miniseries.


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