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Interesting story on Bush's life, post presidency. While I guess any president, after leaving office, is inevitably a bit cocooned from the rest of the world due to security concerns, you get the clear sense that this one is only too happy to be in a bubble - living in a rabidly conservative Republican neighborhood, interacting only with friends and supporters, and the regular folk are kept far away. As well as the physical separation, it's also clear from the article that he is living in a sealed-off world intellectually: all that matters to him is his legacy, as evidenced by his single-minded work on his library and memoir. As they left Washington on January 20, they watched unctuous videos from people singing his praises; his circle of friends sounds very small and fiercely loyal ("everybody - everybody - just loved him", said one); and he still loves to wear that jacket with the presidential seal.

One gets the impression that this president won't be jetting round the world on humanitarian causes (maybe because there's a decent chance he could be arrested for war crimes if he leaves the US), or building homes for the disadvantaged in this country.

---here's the not-too-impressive looking Presidential pad, courtesy of Google. I'm surprised it hasn't been pixellated, as happened with the Vice Presidential residence in DC when Cheney lived there. When Biden moved in, that pixellation was removed.
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